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Odour Eliminator Wax Melts Collection

Odour Eliminator Wax Melts Collection

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This collection box contains odour eliminating scents. These actualy remove other smells from the environment as well as filling the home with lovely fragrances. THE best collection for anyone with pets, also loved by parents of little ones and very popular for use in bathrooms! šŸ˜

Each Collection is handmade and some of the colours/glitters may vary between the box's. Although these smell amazing, they areĀ NOT edibleĀ and should be used as intended. Ecosoya wax is used which is a natural wax therefore frosting can appear (this does not effect their high quality).Ā 

Please only use wax melts with non scented tea lights, not the 8 hour + ones due to being a fire hazard, or with electric wax burners. Please always follow manufacturer guidance for how to use your wax melt burner and dispose of wax according to your local regulations.

Scents Included with their scent descriptions:

All scents are made with cutting-edge odour eliminating technology that banishes unwanted scents and malodours with ease rather than just masking them. So you can enjoy a truly indulgent aroma experience that leaves your space feeling fresh and inviting.Ā 

Flashy Bathy Odour EliminatorĀ 

A staple for any bathroom cleaning routine to turn your bathroom into a scented sanctuary. Opening with a burst of peach, pineapple, bergamot, lemon, and marine, followed by a delicate heart of rose, jasmine and lily. All harmoniously grounded in a base of musk, amber and patchouli with cutting-edge odour eliminating technology so you can enjoy a truly indulgent aroma experience that leaves your space feeling fresh and inviting.Ā 

Mountain Fresh Odour EliminatorĀ 

Experience the epitome of freshness and sophistication, enhanced by cutting edge odour eliminating technology for a truly captivating ambience. A symphony of invigorating top notes including ozone, lemon, orange, bergamot, aldehydes and eucalyptus merge beautifully. Followed by a heart of rose, jasmine, lily and pine, all anchored by a grounding base of woods.Ā 

Zesty Odour EliminatorĀ 

Experience the power of zesty notes of orange and pineapple that blend seamlessly, giving way to a base of mandarin and tropical fruits. Elevate your space with this exquisite fragrance.

Velvet Oud Odour EliminatorĀ 

Indulge in the opulence of pure luxury, where the darkest Damask rose, smoky oud wood, clove and decadent praline intertwine to create a rich and textural aroma that's truly magnetic. Elevate your space with this captivating scent.

Shipping & Returns

Check out lead/delivery time in product information.

Care Instructions

Check out Aftercare in product information.

Resin Products Care Instructions:

Resin is pretty hard-wearing but to get the best out of your pieces and ensure they last a lifetime please try to adhere to the following advice. This will keep your pieces looking their best and save you having to pay for the resin jewellery/product to be repaired or replaced.

Some clients donā€™t follow the instructions and their pieces are fine, but itā€™s best to be on the safe side. The instructions are the same for epoxy and UV based pieces.

ā— Scrapes

Try to avoid bumping and scratching your piece as this could damage. Avoid using tools and doing manual work with the piece on

ā— Water

Do NOT submerge your jewellery/resin pieces in water. Resin is NOT waterproof, only water resistant. So please remember to remove your jewellery before showers, swimming, washing up etc.

ā— Heat

If your piece is exposed to big temperature fluctuations, it might expand and contract and cause the elements inside to separate or the product to become bendy.

ā— Sunlight

Store your resin products/jewellery out of direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause the resin to discolour and soften.

ā— Smoking

If your piece is in regular contact with smoke it will usually yellow. However, some of our smoking resin clients have used their pieces for years without discolouration.

ā— Chemicals

Avoid exposing your jewellery/products to harsh chemicals and cleaning products. This includes antibacterial hand sanitiser, perfume, hair spray, cleaning solutions, nail polish remover, chlorine etc.

When Resin Care Has Been Forgotten:

If your piece suffers damage or wear please get in touch and we will give you a price based on photos. We ask keepsake clients to retain your elements such as breastmilk, cremation ashes, hair and cord because it makes a remake possible when needed. If you havenā€™t retained the elements, we may be able to do a repair, but canā€™t guarantee results.

ā— Yellowing

Yellowing is almost always due to resin care rather than the brand or type of resin or insufficient preservation. The top layer can often be removed and re-coated, depending on the damage

ā— Dullness & Scratches

If your piece has dulled or been scratched or scraped, we can add a new top coat layer. If this doesnā€™t work out we can always remove this if necessary. For charm beads and orbs, it may be easier to replace the piece completely because the hardware canā€™t be removed.

Thank you for reading, we will do our best to help if your piece needs repair!



Silver Jewellery Care Instructions:

Silver is a great precious metal to choose for keepsake and memorial jewellery and does not need much care. Tarnishing Most silver will usually tarnish eventually. This often turns the silver black, brown or dark grey but can also have a greenish or blueish hue because of the copper content. Silver will tarnish faster under certain conditions. Sulphur, humidity, air quality (such as living near the sea), even body chemistry will affect how quickly it tarnishes. Coming into contact with egg and oil can tarnish silver faster. Silver jewellery can be polished with a silver polishing cloth but please avoid the resin area. We donā€™t recommend you use an ultrasonic cleaner or cleaning bath because the liquid/chemicals may damage the resin. Most local jewellers can polish the piece for you and will take care to protect the resin. Some silver is rhodium plated, which makes it tarnish-free, but that will wear off over time and leave a patchy effect. These pieces need to be re-coated by a specialist who can protect the resin during the plating process. We use Argentium 935 silver when possible, it is 1% purer than sterling silver with a lower copper content, and is more tarnish resistant. Scrapes & Scratches Try to avoid bumping and scratching your piece as this could damage. A professional jeweller can remove scratches but please let them know your piece contains resin Resizing Silver rings with resin can easily be enlarged up to one UK size or half a US or EU size. To enlarge any more than that without risking the silver cracking, the ring will need to be annealed. A professional silversmith may be able to do this for you with using ThermoGel to protect the resin but it can result in damage and discolouration. The same goes for reduction, it may be safer and less expensive for us to remove the resin stone and set it in a new ring for you. Please get in touch. When Silver Jewellery Has Been Damaged If your piece has become damaged then it may need to be remade from scratch. We can usually save the resin part and set it in a new piece but please see our resin care instructions if the resin is also damaged.

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