Christmas Deadline Information:

The deadlines below are important and apply to ALL products to be delivered or posted. If you can collect from Colne then the deadline MIGHT be able to be stretched but please try order early to prevent disappointment. LAST ORDER DATES FOR DELIVERED CHRISTMAS PRESENTS: (If you can collect then deadlines can be stretched slightly depending on demand). Link to Facebook Update

Epoxy Resin Custom Orders: By 10th of December- This gives me time to make the product, sand it down and post before the postage deadlines.

Wax Melts Custom Orders/Gift Boxes: By 1st of December - The wax melts need 2 week to cure after being made. If you want a gift box/order for wax which is already made and ready to ship then the deadline is By 15th December.

Home Fragrance Products & Stocked Products (Wax Melts, Epoxy Resin): By 15th December

Personalized items (not including clothing): By 11th December

Personalized Clothing: By 1st of December.

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